Credit Risk Decisioning Solution for multi-national Retail Bank

Assisted a client to execute on their strategy to transform their credit business in order to more effectively deal with escalating competition in the marketplace, scarcity of capital, intensifying regulation and increasingly better informed and sophisticated customers.
We managed the delivery and implementation of a Risk Assessment Framework to support the growth (revenue and profit) and relevance (value in the marketplace) of the client by enabling the business to make better credit decisions faster.

Key elements of this initiative included:
• Providing a seamless and enhanced customer experience regardless of channel, product or locality (channel agnostic, yet channel relevant)
• Reducing business risk around lending and lending products
• Improving process efficiencies
• Enhancing flexibility and responsiveness to changes in market and regulation
• Increasing connectivity to and leverage of customer data sources (single view of customer)
• The business case showed an Internal Rate of Return of 186%.

We designed a programme to deliver such value; implemented a commercial-off-the shelf solution (Experian) with tight integration into numerous transactional systems. We implemented the solution into production in an incremental manner to reduce risk and deliver business value quickly.