Is Your Company Safe From Cyberattacks?

Align your business strategy & cybersecurity strategy to minimize your risk, maximize your compliance, and prevent your systems and your customers from being compromised

Cyberattacks Threaten Your Company, Your Reputation, and Your Bottom-Line

We provide a holistic approach to understanding your cybersecurity strategy, how this strategy enables your business, the risks you face, and how to mitigate them. Successful implementation minimizes risk, maximizes compliance, and prevents you and your systems from being compromised.

Our services include:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation
  • Cybersecurity Strategy and Business Strategy Alignment
  • Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan and Execution

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Cybersecurity Threats Continue to Increase

Companies invest significant amounts of money in cybersecurity and acquire the best software solutions available to protect their assets. There is often misalignment between what they need (especially with regards to cybersecurity strategy and risk) and what is finally implemented.

It is not uncommon now to find companies with more cybersecurity products in their infrastructure than actual IT assets.

However, the diversity and number of tools deployed does not necessarily lead to better protection against cyberthreats. It often comes down to company culture or behavior. Does your business operate with a secure mindset? Is cybersecurity infused in the corporate DNA? The additional problem here is that it only takes one person in your company making a mistake to put your entire company at risk. You need to institutionalize cybersecurity into your business and culture.

We articulate cybersecurity strategy at executive level

We ensure mitigation strategies of any risk of:

  • financial loss
  • disruption
  • damage to reputation

We ensure that solutions have direct alignment with business need.

We measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity solutions.

We ensure that risks are mitigated and managed to an acceptable level.

Your strategies and plans must be up-to-date, relevant, and aligned with business needs

The information gathered in the cybersecurity risk assessment is essential to identify potential gaps within your current risk management program. At some point, the discussion will need to move from strategic visioning (what we want) to planning what it takes for you to execute on your strategy.

Many consulting firms also have great track records, yet few can articulate business strategy at an executive level, translate it into solution requirements, and effectively enable business strategy through the implementation of projects. Yet fewer consulting firms can deliver successfully at our competitive charges.

Many people complain that it is not the right time to conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment or process improvement project. But years of experience have taught us that this is always the perfect time. Every day, we see real-world examples of how effective security and using technology in business practices can mean the difference between life and death for businesses and even nations.

Yet, most cybersecurity risk assessments are commissioned after cyberattacks or even serious security breaches occur. It is much more difficult to implement improvements when everyone is emotional about events and under pressure from clients, sponsors, and regulators. However, when cooler heads prevail, the cybersecurity risk assessment will provide clear information on the next steps to address the cybersecurity gaps.

The Right Time is Now!

We are commended by our multi-national blue-chip clients for articulating their cybersecurity strategic needs and aligning the projects within these initiatives to deliver the strategy and mitigate risk. We deliver our services globally.

Cybersecurity Services

We literally ‘connect the dots’ between strategy & implementation

Cybersecurity Protection for Companies Across the Globe

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation

Cybersecurity Strategy & Business Strategy Alignment

Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan & Execution

A cybersecurity risk assessment evaluates a business’ current security posture. It will identify weaknesses and threats to systems and data that, if compromised, may result in significant damage to the business.

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Cybersecurity risk mitigation involves the use of security controls policies and processes to reduce the overall risk or impact of a cybersecurity threat. Regarding cybersecurity, risk mitigation can be separated into three elements: prevention, detection, and remediation.

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Aligning your cybersecurity posture with your overall business objectives is essential to protect your business from financial, operational, and reputational loss. Cybersecurity leaders are charged with implementing impactful and effective cybersecurity strategies that improve the business’ cybersecurity posture.

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A cybersecurity strategy implementation plan is a business’ written guide to follow and improve its overall risk management and defenses against the ongoing threat of cybercrime. This plan only provides defense when properly executed.

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Our Clients

The sole reason we are in business is to
assure our clients' success

We partner with our clients to ensure that their Cybersecurity needs are clearly articulated and translated successfully into pragmatic and relevant solutions. Our client portfolio spans 24 years and includes major players in the banking, insurance, telecommunications and media industries. We specialize in complex and large-scale projects.

We have solid experience managing Cybersecurity initiatives at leading multi-national banks and telecommunications companies.

Achievement of our client's business requirements is the hallmark of all our engagements

Our ability to provide good governance and pragmatic delivery assures that your project is a success

We have an impeccable track record of on-time, on spec and within-budget projects - we have been able to achieve these criteria in every project since we formed in 1997

What clients say

"The task at hand was enormous and still you proved that it is possible"

Senior Executive: Credit Risk Division, large SA Bank

CEO, large SA Bank

“I can say with absolute conviction that this would not have been possible without the capability, skill, insight and experience of both Glenda Wheeler and Carn Iverson, who played a fundamental and core role in this. They are highly regarded, consummate professionals capable of tackling large, complex projects with excellence and distinction, and I am happy to recommend them for any substantial project.”

    Senior Executive: Credit Risk Division, large SA Bank

    “Thank you for your exceptional service. The task at hand was enormous and still you proved that it is possible. Your ability to understand the problem and bring a framework and structure to resolving it is commendable. You certainly do have a clear strength and valuable skill around Business Architecture, Programme and Project Management and you have the best capability around Business Analysis I have ever worked with in my career.”

      CIO/Executive Manager IT, Aviation company

      "Glenda performed her tasks excellently and went above and beyond what was required of her. She was trusted by all of the Executives involved and brought many new ideas and suggestions to make the project a success. She is able to work equally well with top level executives as with entry level staff and she always adds value. I highly recommend Glenda for any IT Strategic Consulting role and know that she will make a success of any project that she takes on.”

        Senior Executive: Strategic Projects, Broadcast company

        “Overall, this company is highly competent at requirements engineering, ensuring alignment of business requirement with technical development. They exceeded stakeholder expectations, managed change and risks (that are a reality on big projects), and delivered the re-engineered solution on time, below planned budget, and at the quality levels required.”

          Our Leaders

          "... are highly regarded, consummate professionals capable of tackling large, complex projects with excellence and distinction; I'm happy to recommend them for any substantial project”

          CEO, large SA Bank

          Carn Iverson

          Carn’s practice is now dedicated to Cyber Security strategy and implementation only, and he has earned high praise and recognition from his blue-chip clients for his expertise.

          Accustomed to delivering complex business IT projects, Carn’s leadership experience spans programme engineering and management, strategic needs analysis, assurance & project turnaround, mentoring & coaching, technology management & governance, large-scale solution engineering, and delivering highest quality solutions to clients.

          During the 1990’s he was the senior systems engineer on a £400m project for the UK Ministry of Defence. He then became chief architect for an ERP solution serving the international aerospace and defence market. Carn is a passionate and delivery-driven professional who enjoys a consistent track record of success.

          Glenda Wheeler

          Glenda is recognised by her blue-chip clients as an exceptional Programme Director who consistently directs large, complex and challenging programmes and projects so that the required business value is always delivered. She has been a Professional in the ICT Industry for over 30 years.

          Her specific skill is in understanding and solving multi-faceted business problems, articulating and quantifying the business value that must be derived from the solution, for all identified stakeholders, then engineering and executing the appropriate programme, with accountability, so that customer expectation is exceeded.

          She is valued by clients for her ethical conduct and management principles, sound leadership qualities, and her respect for everyone with whom she engages.

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