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Ultimately our success depends on whether the business benefits detailed in your business cases are indeed realised

Niche and expert provider of Cyber Security and Project Delivery consulting services

We partner with our clients to assure the successful delivery of their initiatives. We have a fine 24-year record of on-time,within-budget projects with extensive experience in the banking, insurance,telecommunications and media industries. Our projects are typically extremely complex, and often have budgets of many hundreds of million SA Rand. We accomplish success by ensuring that the real drivers for Cyber Security are understood (especially how they relate to business goals and needs) then using structured project governance and a toolbox of project engineering & execution disciplines which are a blend of best practice and real experience. We have solid experience and achieve great success at blue chip national and multi-national companies.

A successful strategic project is one that reinforces your competitive advantage and delivers tangible benefits to all stakeholders

This is our assurance

Our engagement model is designed to promote your business objectives to a position of dominance throughout the lifecycle of any project

We apply pragmatic approaches to technology delivery; we literally 'connect the dots'